Best Wifi Routers: A Buyer’s Guide

When you are researching or perhaps looking up for the best wifi routers, it is important that you aware of the fact that there is few vital feature that you need some level of understanding on, right before you make a decision on a choice. There are various features that are offered but it depends on which wireless router you feel is capable of meeting your requirement and fulfilling your needs, this makes it important to understand what the different features are, whether you need them and what they mean exactly.
Wireless Standards
You will find this mentioned on almost any wireless router, they come in similar format across the board and they follow a similar pattern: 802.11 followed by one or more alphabets, for instance, 802.11a. 802.11 is the number for IEEE standard, responsible for grouping all the various wireless technologies, the alphabet that comes after the number is very important, thus it is vital that you pay close attention to it most especially when you want to carry out some form of comparison.
One of the most common alphabets you will observe with wireless routers is the letter “a”, it is common with the best wifi routers. They support bandwidth up to 54Mbps, on the other hand, “b” support bandwidth up to 11Mbps. “g” is another letter that is quite common and it support bandwidth up to 300Mbps and “ac” supports bandwidth up to 450Mbps.
In addition, you will find other wireless standards other than the aforementioned, but they are not so common. It is very important that you understand that certain wireless routers that are dual-band, in the sense that they produce more than one signal. There are wireless routers that have more than two bands, these routers offer more speed compared to the router that just produces one wireless signal.
Wireless Speeds
For the sake of comparison, the typical home PC with a physical connection to the router (Local area connection) tends to operate at 100Mbps. The rule of thumb is more like anything over will be sufficient for the PC user. Nonetheless, if perchance you are into gaming, video streaming of there are multiple users in your home then opting for the option with higher speed is advised.

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