Essential Guide to Buying Your Ideal Inversion Table

Inversion technique is a globally renowned technique for treating back pain/spasm, and it has been employed for over 1,500 years. It enables one to have some form of spinal traction by having the level of the hips raised right above that of your shoulders. The easiest way to go about this is by employing an inversion table. For an in-depth review of inversion tables, check this website.

Below are some of the points that you should consider when selecting you are selecting table.


This is more like the most important thing that you should consider when you are looking out to acquire an inversion table. It is advised that you do not choose inversion tables that demand that you get into unnatural an uncomfortable position while still suffering from back pain. Furthermore, you can opt for a table that has a head pillow and some form of padding. It is important that you do not buy one that requires that you change your clothes right about any time you need to stretch. Ideal inversion tables are smooth with minimal drag.

Easy Control

As you may imagine, inversion therapy takes some time to get used to. Therefore when you buy an inversion table, find one with a wide range of inversions angles. Though the many benefits of inversion therapy are experienced at about 60 degrees, most people start out with an angle of about 20-30 degrees.

Easy to Use

If you intend on using the inversion table on a regular basis, it is advised that you opt for one that is easy and quick to have assembled. A table that does not require too much effort and time to store away or set up will save you lots of energy and time.

Quality and Durability

Though most inversion tables are manufactured from steel, the quality is actually not always the same. Nonetheless, the weight of the table is closely linked to the strength. If perchance a product is of excellent quality, it will come with a warranty from the manufacturer. In addition, if the product has been independently tested, that is a great plus.

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