How can you find good advocacy? One of the main methods is to know what to look for in good advocacy. Here are some of the top signs of good advocacy:

1. Access information/services

It’s important for people to have the ability to access info and services. This is an important feature to look for. There’s the old saying that “knowledge is power.” It certainly applies to the issue of advocacy. That’s because it’s important for people to have equal access to various information and services that are provided by the government, for example.

On the other hand, when that’s not the case then it’s a sign of bad advocacy. That’s definitely a situation you’ll want to avoid. On the other hand, it’s a plus when advocacy helps to provide a marginalized group with the same info and services that are available to the public at large.

3. Explores options/choices

It’s important for advocacy to help explore the various options and choices that a person or group has. This is critical because sometimes there are various ones that are available. What’s important is that the advocacy goals of the group are achieved. That said, it can be achieved through several ways.

An advocate is effective at reviewing the current situation then determining what particular choices and options are available. They can then decide which ones are the best ones. The goal is still to achieve the objectives of the advocacy. That said, what’s most important is to determine the option that’s most effective.

2. Share opinions and concerns

This is important because one of the main goals of advocacy is to provide people with a voice so they can share such information. An advocacy that helps to achieve this goal is one you should definitely consider. On the other hand, if an advocacy doesn’t give people to take this step then it’s an issue you should consider. That’s because it will be less effective if the group isn’t able to share the ideas they have and the things they’re concerned about.

4. Promotes rights and responsibilities

This is yet another important sign of good advocacy. It’s important for the advocacy to promote the various rights/responsibilities of a certain group. If that’s the case then it’s effective advocacy. One of the main goals of advocacy is to make sure that certain groups have the same rights as other groups in society. If advocacy can help to promote that goal then it’s definitely on the right track. However, if that’s not the case then it’s a different story.

5. Reduce people’s vulnerability

Advocacy is generally used for the most vulnerable people in society. As a result, it’s important for good advocacy to take steps to make those groups less vulnerable. There are various ways to do that but what’s important is that the same goals are achieved. This is more of a general goal for advocacy but it should be one that helps to show how effective a particular advocacy group is. It’s related to different types of advocacy.